What is GST?
Alia Bhatt: It is full form for Goodnight Sweet dreams Take care.

Doctor: Glucagon Stimulation Test
Pandit: Gau Sewa Tax
Haryanvi: Ghano Sara Tax

Politician: GST passed wooohhoa
Media: GST passed wooohhoa
Businessmen: GST passed wooohhoa
CA student: BC naya ACT padhna padega #GSTBill
Ali – This was also before the GST

Husband – Sab Ladkiya GST hai !
Wife – Kyu ?
Husband- Samajh Hi Nahi Aati !

Warning to all husbands, GST @28% is applicable on beauty parlors and restaurant services.
This will make beauty parlors and restaurants more expensive…💰💸💸 so keep reminding your wives that they are naturally beautiful….👱🏻♀
Also, encourage them that they cook awesome food

*Wife: How much Do you Love Me?
Husband: 72%
Wife: Why not 100%
Husband: 28% GST on Luxurious Items