John asks a farmer working in the field, “sir, would you mind if I crossed your field instead of going around it? I have to catch the 5:23 train.”
The farmer says to the John, “of course, go right ahead. And if my bull sees you, you’ll even catch the 5:10 one.”



When going to the park and randomly I see lovers names carved in a tree benches, I don’t think it’s sweet. I just think it’s surprising how many people bring a knife on a date.




Teacher: How many Monkeys can fit into a car? 
Student: Five.
Teacher: How many Hens can fit into the car?
Student: None, the car is already full of Monkeys.



A Girl is watching a cricket match very seriously
The boy asked her you are watching it very seriously you know how many balls in one over?
The girl said, yes I know six.
Boy (laugh) No, there is only one ball in one over they threw it repeatedly.



I dreamed I was forced to eat giant candy floss.

When I woke up, my pink pillow was gone.