Everone has different body type and size but everyone loves to hear that you look so good today. This one compliment makes a day even more beautiful.More elegant your outfit is, more attractive you look.

Here are top 5 outfits that will make you look more attractive and best from the rest. In fact, it has everything you need to look good.

GO SLEEVELESS – Don’t hesitate from bearing your sexy shoulders. Shoulders are the most appealing part of women’s body and hence you get one more reason to bare them. Off shoulder and halter neck tops highlight your collar bones as well as shoulder while making you more attractive at the same time. To keep it more elegant pair your outfit with simple earrings or studs.

DARE TO GO RED-Red is one colour that can make everyone look sexy and enhance one’s appeal. Red colour has the power to make you look even more beautiful and confident instantly.  A red dress is a must have in one’s wardrobe.

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF HIGH HEELS– High heels definitely rule out every other footwear when in comes to the sexiest. High heels can brighten up any boring outfit, jazz it up completely and make you feel gorgeous instantly.

ENIGMATIC BLACK– Black is one of those colour that compliments every body type and skin tone. Black colour has a sense of power, mystery, and intelligence attached to it. Black dresses, black trousers or even a simple black top boost up confidence.

HIGHLIGHTS YOUR CURVES IN BODYCON DRESS- Bodycon dresses are tight dresses that perfectly compliment one’s curves and make you look super appealing.