College life! Seem to be a tension free for the teens but actually a headache of semester exams, assignments. College life teaches us to fight the lier world ahead. We learn a lot about ourselves and other over smarts while living in hostels or P.G. Another interesting aspect of college life is we are the only one to help ourselves while in a difficult situation and finds no one for the immediate help.The following are the interesting facts that college life teaches us. The tension leads to harm their body and fitness level.

Brain Refresh

No matter how smarter you are or the perfect scholar, think you also may get failed in the exams as the date sheet can be change or the syllabus can be flipped off.


Can not be taken over your motive. If you are a college student, you should sleep late and woke up late because it is the permanent rule of the teens. Either way, sound sleep is luxurious.

Last Day Is Enough.!

There is no time better to prepare than the last day. You will do all the major works in almost the day last as you have to get used to it.

Daily Shower
If you are a teen you must take a daily shower to stay positive mind because you have to do the major job which is a future development. If you are a true teen you should do shower daily

Daily Routine Workout
Students have not the time to do work like washing clothes as they think it is a shameful work to do. The often buy new clothes but they don’t even try to do so.