It is the utmost jam-packed district of Himachal Pradesh, India. Dharamshala is the managerial headquarters of the district. It is an abode of Masroor Rock Cut Temple, also known as Himalayan Pyramids and wonder of the world for being likely runner for the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is acknowledged for having the ancient allocation Royal Dynasty. The British district incorporated the present-day districts of Kangra, Hamirpur, Kullu, and Lahul and Spiti. Kangra  Is distribution of the British province of Punjab. It has a geographical area of 5,739 km. which constitutes 10.31% of the geographical area of the State. According to 2001 census, the total population of the district was 1,339,030, which is the highest in the state (22.50% of the population).

Below are the things one could savor whenever he visits Kangra:

Brajeshwari Temple
 It is one of the most emotive and spiritually enlightening sites by visitors. The holy place is about 10-15 minutes from the parking and the market en route is a shopper’s delight.

Kangra Fort

With numerous names who’ve said to have held the ownership of the Fort, it has got quite some history in its account. With many years of Mughal ownership and at the last being ruled by an Indian emperor, this place is a must-visit for any history enthusiast

Kareri Lake
The Kareri Lake is a shallow fresh water lake, originating from the melting of Dhauladhar Ranges. It is set a bit off from the main city, hence you may need a good guide and transport readily available beforehand.

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Jwala Devi Temple
To Visit in Kangra the Jwala Devi Temple is of utmost religious importance to the followers of Hinduism and worshiped as one of the 51 shaktipeeths (incarnations of the Holy Goddess).

Chamunda Devi Temple
One of the most visited shrines of the Holy Goddess, is the Chamunda Devi Temple, about 15 km from the Kangra Valley. The temple is home to the shrine of the raging form of the goddess, wherein she is flanked by the male Hindu deities, Hanuman and Bhairava.

Other places to visit:
Kangra art museum, Baijnath temple, Tashijong, Pragpur village, Judges Court Pragpur, Palampur, Dhauladhar range.

How to reach Kangra?

The Gaggal Airport is Nearest airport but there are no regular flights from other major cities to Kangra.

kangra 14 km away
Gaggal airport (DHM), Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh

kangra 82 km away
Bhuntar airport (KUU), Kullu, Himachal Pradesh


Amb Andaura is nearest railway station from Kangra.

kangra 48 km away
Amb Andaura (AADR), amb, himachal pradesh
kangra 57 km away
Churaru Takrala (CHTL), churaru takarla, himachal pradesh


Bus service easily get to Kangra from other major cities of the country.

Bus Station: Kangra