Renowned as the land of God’s, Uttrakhand is the Surreal place located in the north of India.

Chandham, Ancient temples, forest reserves, hill station, national parks, mountain make this place even more beautiful.

Besides these Uttrakhand has some of the alluring destination to light up your visit. 

Rishikesh- Rishikesh is the Yoga Capital of the world and one of the most popular spiritual destination in the world. It is also home to various ancient temple and yoga ashrams. While visiting Rishikesh one must not miss the prayers held in the evening. Besides spiritual fulfilment, Rishikesh offers a multitude of adventure sports options. River rafting,  bungee jumping,  mountain biking, trekking, and campaigning are definitely some thing new that Rishikesh has to offer.

Auli- Auli is a popular hill station in Uttrakhand which is loaded with apple orchards, oaks and deodar trees. One of the most memorable experiences in Auli has to be skiing in the snow.


Mukteshwar- This small hill station will definitely leave you awe-inspiring with its lovely snow capped mountains and splendid fruit orchards. Mukteshwar is also famous for providing an amazing view of Himalayan ranges. Nanda Devi Peak, Chauli ka Jali and the Mukteshwar temple are among the other popular destination that are worth visiting.

Nainital- Nainital has a site that will soothe your eyes. Blessed with beautiful lakes, picturesque sceneries and amazing temples,  Nainital surely has a charm that can leave any one spellbound. Besides enjoying the scenic beauty of Nainital,  one can indulge themselves in adventurous sports like trekking horse riding, yachting. Eco cave gardens at Nainital provide a spectacle that is hard to find somewhere else.