Khusro Bagh is a historical garden, which is located in Allahabad, near Allahabad Junction, Uttar Pradesh. In this garden tombs of Prince Khusro is located. Prince Khusro was the eldest son of Emperor Jahangir and Sultan Begum. In this garden, three large sandstone undercroft represent an elegant example of Mughal Architecture. This tomb has a large ‘chhatri’ (An elevated dome-shaped pavilion in Indian architecture) that overcomes the plinth and engraving, which makes her tomb more beautiful. Next to the Begum’s tomb is the tomb of Khusro’s sister, Nithar. In an architectural manner, this is the most beautiful tomb of the three. It reclines on an aerial platform and is decorated with panels depicting scalloped arch design. Within the base, there are rooms whose ceilings are elaborately painted which make the tomb more attractive. Khusro’s tomb is the last of the three. Khusro was first sent to jail within the garden after he revolts against his father Jahangir. Khusro was killed in an attempt to escape on the order of Jahangir’s third son Khurram, who later became the emperor ‘Shah Jahan’.

Khusro Bagh has become a famous tourist place in Allahabad. It is situated 2 to 3 km far from Allahabad Junction and two miles from Akbar’s Fort. People, who come to visit Allahabad, also have a look at this Garden.