In common language, fashion is called a popular style of clothing, footwear, makeup, etc. Fashion is a unique style in which a person dresses. Fashion is a persuade style in behavior and an unused creation of fashion designers.

In the 16th century, the national difference was at their most conspicuous. The Spanish style of the late 16th century began to move back to synchronicity among upper-class Europeans.Fashion for All

Not only tough textiles colors and patterns, even the shape of men’s coat and waistcoat changed from time to time. Actually, men’s fashion was largely obtained from military models.

Tailors and dressmakers were no doubt answerable for inventions, and the textile industry certainly showed many trends.

The history of fashion design is normally perceived from 1858 when ‘Charles Fredrick Worth’ in Paris unbolted the first true ‘Haute Couture’ house. The government established the name Haute House for the fashion houses that met the standards of the industry.

Unisex dressing idea was originated in 1960 when some designers such as Pierre Cardin created garments, such as leggings and stretch jersey.

Fashion trends in the 1970’s such as sheepskin jackets, duffel coat men to attend social gatherings without tuxedo jackets and to compliment in new ways.

Paris, Milan, New York City and London are recognized to be current fashion capitals, which all have headquarters of famous fashion companies and are acclaimed for their major influence on global fashion.

Fashion trends are effected by several factors such as economical, social, political etc.