Yoga is derived from Sanskrit word ” Yog”.  The practice of Yoga was originated 5000 years ago in India. Yoga is the essence of life and the origin of Yoga is speculated in the pre -vedic  Indian traditions.  Well,  known types of Yoga are Hath Yoga and Raja Yoga.

Yoga is said to be very beneficial for mind, soul and body. Some of the amazing benefits of Yoga are-

  • Improves flexibility – One of the most important benefit of yoga is that it improves the         flexibility. Slowly and gradually your body will become more tight and your muscles will become more strong.
  • Perfects your posture- Poor posture results in back, neck, muscle and joints pain. But as soon as you start practicing yoga you can notice a great change in your posture. All your pain will also go away.
  • Improved bone health-Many postures in yoga help you to lift your own weight. As a result of which your bones become strong and it wards off osteoporosis.
  • Calms soul and makes you happy- It is also noticed that regular practice of yoga calms mind and soul. It gives a feeling of contentment and makes you happy from within.
  • Inspires you to follow a healthy lifestyle- When we practice yoga daily it helps to burn more calories and encourages you to follow a healthy lifestyle on a deeper level.
  • Better concentration- One of the best gifts of yoga is improved concentration. Yoga helps to focus more on the present , hence resulting in a better memory, improved coordination .