In last few years, many changes have been taken place in trends of fashion. People’s choice, their way of wearing and everything has changed from time to time. Today’s fashion refers to style, dressing sense etc. among the students nowadays fashion means ‘dress and hairstyle’.

These days students allocate more time to their fashion than to studies. When a boy or a girl join a college, a big change can be seen in their fashion, their hair style, their dressing sense, their make up etc. Showiness replaces simplicity in student’s life. Once a style gets in trend, it is completely followed by the students.

In this race, even girls cannot be left behind. They are also forward ahead of the boys. Some girls always follow film actresses. What actresses wear and how their hair looks, is  followed by girls.

Every fashion has a limit and when all limits are crossed, it may result in much wrongful.

Not only dressing and makeup, the movie theater has also become a fashion. For students, English movie may out of their understanding, but it has become a craze in students.

Fashion is changing time to time and its effects can be seen especially in college students (both Boys and Girls). Fashion among young people is great in all over the world. Teens always choose brands and designer clothes to look classy. Boys and girls put on expensive clothes of the latest cut and design.

Fashion is an important factor that influences teenagers. Teenagers always want to look different and classy from others that are the reason they choose costly clothes and took funky hair style.