Try the following easy tips –

Treatment with hot oil

Take some (any) natural oil such as coconut, canola, olive and warm it up only. Massage it softly into the scalp.Now put on a shower cap and leave it for an hour,and after that shampoo your hair.

Natural liquids or juices:

Rub the scalp with either of garlic, onion, and ginger liquid/juice.After that leave it for overnight and in the morning wash it thoroughly.

Head massage:

Massaging the scalp for a minutes daily will aid/help stimulate circulation.The hair follicles become active due to good circulation in the scalp. By using a few drops of oil, the circulation may be increased through massage.

Green tea act as an antioxidants:

Apply the warm green tea on the scalp and now leave this mixture on for an hour and after that rinse it gently.Here, green tea which contains antioxidants prevent the hair loss and raise or increase the hair growth.
Most of the times, the main reason for hair loss is stress. Meditation play a key role in that-as it can help in reducing the stress and restore hormonal balance.