The history of the graphic t-shirt has been created lots of trends. Created barely 100 years ago, creates the different spirit of American fashion. The first Onscreen appearance was in The wizard of Oz. The scarecrow wears green t-shirts stated with the word “Oz”. A few years later, the first picture appeared on the popular Life magazine.

The music industry had made t shirt a symbol of rock for the youth. The Beatles followed the trend by issued t-shirts to promote themselves. The 80s marked the era of different logos.Guess, Nike and Adidas sporting their logos and the brand symbol with the rise of MTV, music had again made the t shirts as the fans want their favourite iconic T.
T-shirts become the collectibles by the people of their favourite stars. The introduction of techniques such as stone-washing, crackle, and burnout, recreation of the new look onto the new garments. The modern generation with the inside track on the future uniform with the graphic t-shirt as its symbol. Fashion had turned a new look in the country and played a important role in our society’s development. The change in fashion and lifestyle turned our youth a better way of living. We can match with the outside world in competition of lifestyle.The graphics t-shirt has become so popular that are preferable by all the people in the world.