A migraine is a complex condition of a headache with a variety of symptoms. It is a primary headache disorder, which is identifying by a repetitive headache that is moderate to frightful. This pain can be predating by sensory warning sign such as vomiting, increasing the sensitivity of sound etc.

A migraine is a very common problem, which affects approx. 35.9 million Americans.

According to the study, the cause of a migraine is still unknown. It affects people between 15-55 years of age. Anyone can suffer from a migraine due to abnormal activity of brain or chemical and blood flow in the brain.

Migraine can be persuaded by triggers. Triggers can be referred as such things like weathering, certain foods, alcohol, dehydration, smoking, etc. Trigger may b experienced up to 24 hours for going to the onset of symptoms.

How a migraine Diagnosed?

It can be difficult to diagnose a migraine and there is no specific test to confirm a migraine. International Headache Society recommends some criteria to confirm migraines without Aura;

1- More than 5 attacks
2- 4 hours in 3 days in duration
3- At least 2 unilateral location, severe pain
4- 1 additional symptoms like vomiting, sensitivity to sound etc.

How to prevent A migraine;

1- Enough sleep
2– Reduce Stress
3- Drink more water
4- Prophylactic therapies

Daily physical exercise may help migraine frequency.