Most of the people are suffering from back pain.Back pain is actually caused by strain on muscles and joints. Around 80% of the people around the world are suffering from this problem.

There are various reasons that you might be affected by back pain. The foremost reason, behind back pain, is not exercising.We fail to do perform any exercise due to our busy schedule and hence our spine becomes weak.It is rightly said that better late than never and you can start exercise at any point.You can opt for pilates for hard core strengthening of back muscles.Cardiovascular exercises like swimming, bicycling and walking are also recommended to get rid of the back pain.

Lifting incorrectly is also a major reason behind back pain.Often we try to pick heavy objects that result in stretching of back muscles.

Poor postures also result in worsening of back pain.Poor posture strains muscles and stresses spine. You can avoid having poor posture while sitting keep in mind to keep your back straight.Always be careful to not to put pressure on your lower back.

Being over weight puts pressure on your back and increase back pain.It is important to achieve normal body weight so that the pressure on the back reduces.

Lack of calcium and vitamin D both of these nutrients are important for a healthy body but if your body lacks in these nutrients then you are likely to suffer from back pain.You can cope up with these deficiencies with supplements available in the market.

So if you are one of those back pain sufferers then these might be the reasons behind it.