You are walking towards your office and suddenly you stop and turn around to find the person who was smelling so good. We crave to find out the perfume that person was wearing/using.

Well, we agree that it’s the fragrance of perfume that alert our senses but what we tend to skip is that it’s the technique used to wear that best perfume you just bought.

It is very important skill set one must know to become the ULTIMATE HEAD TURNER .

So, follow this simple procedure to wear your perfume right.

1. Take a Shower and apply body lotion before applying perfume as that helps in retaining the scent for longer hours.

2. Too Much or Too Little …

Wearing too much perfume will suffocate you and people around.

Wearing Too Little perfume won’t do any good either.

Strike the right BALANCE.

3. Apply perfume on your wrist at the pulse point which is warm and has fast blood flow.
4. When you are wearing a strong perfume, just spray on your wrist and across your shoulders from a distance.

Remember, Fragrance ~ distance ; the stronger ; the farther you should spray from

Lighter/Mild ; the closer you should spray from

5. When you are wearing a Mild/Lighter perfume, just Spray across shoulder,behind your ears , below your arms and on your chest .
Warning: Don’t rub perfume into your skin as it tends to destroy the scent present in the perfume.

Please don’t , I repeat don’t keep on re-spraying your bottle just because you cannot smell the fragrance of your own perfume. People around you can still smell your fragrance, but you can’t smell yourself as your nose adapts to the smell and becomes numb to that smell .