If you want to exercise in cold weather, you need to take major steps to stay safe. The main reason is hypothermia, which extends body heat.

 Layers of clothing can keep you warm but can not help you keep your attention and give you the ability to volumes your body heat while exercising. A hat is optional because you can lose maximum heat when the temperature is at the freezing mark.Wear gloves to warm hands and warm footwear to keep foot free of cold.

 It can be difficult but not impossible keep hands and feet warm when exercising in the cold atmosphere. While warming of the hands will reset normal blood flowing through the body, this does not occur in the feet unless the temperature of the upper body is normal or slightly higher than normal. To keep your hands and feet warm, you also have to keep the rest of your body warm at all times during the exercise.

Before you go outside to exercise, check the air temperature of the environment. However, exposed skin is in danger when the wind is chilled falls below minus 20 degrees. Whether you are an exercise in the dangerous condition, you should wear a scarf or mask over your face and mouth, to warm the air before you inhale it. Cold weather, the enemy of fitness because it creates laziness to the people. All you have to do is to stay positive to your motive and keep fit in any of the weather you want to.