Whenever we talk about fashion, we always imagine tall and super skinny models that look drop dead gorgeous while walking on the ramp. But unfortunately, not all of girls have this kind of body that we all desire. Most of the petite girl struggles to find outfits that suit their body type and look good on them too. Here is a short guide curated especially for petite girls that can help them to get rid of all the clothing struggles and look fabulous, cute and classy.

BEFRIEND WITH EMPIRE WAISTLINE DRESSES– Empire waistline dresses are tight around the bust area and flowy till the ankle.The dress gives an illusion of longer legs which mostly petite girls lack. To complete the look just put on a pair of good heels.

VERTICAL STRIPES ARE A BIG YES- Vertical stripes elongate body frame. Vertical stripes add straight lines and add height to your look.

GET RID OF OVERSIZE BAG– Oversize bags are surely in trend but definitely does not suit petite frame. They give an illusion of even more short height. The bags look funny instead of fabulous.

WEAR WELL FITTED GARMENTS– One mistake that you should definitely avoid at any cost is not to wear clothes that are ill -fitted or unstructured. Always wear well -fitted clothes that accentuate your body type. Just find a tailor that understands your body type and get all your clothes fit.

BOOT CUT JEANS– Believe it or not, but boot cut jeans are the most flattering pair of jeans. These jeans perfectly compliment petite frame. High waisted jeans work best by creating a facade of longer legs and you look trendy at the same time.So if you or your friend is petite then make sure to follow this guide and look glamorous every time you step out of the house.