Many people face the problem of their height after the age of 18. There is a lot of things people could do to boost their height. Height is primarily defined by genetics. There are other factors like nutrition, sleeping pattern, and physical activity that play important role in increasing height. The roles of these factors are not significant as genetics.

To increase height follows these steps…

Proper Nutrition

A well-balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrate is very important to increase height. Diet should be filled with protein, essential fat, all the nutrients, and vitamins.

Regular Exercise

To increase your height, regular exercise is the best way. Include some physical activity in your routine. Physical activity that involves running, jumping will be helpful.

Enough Sleep

Everyone knows that enough sleeping is very important for our body. Even children grow the most while sleeping. So it is important to sleep at least eight hours.

Avoid Growth Obstruct

Regular use of alcohol can inhibit growth and affect the body’s natural functioning. Smoking is also very harmful to those who are looking to grow taller.

Do Stretches

Stretching is a good way to increase your height. Several yoga poses like Surya Namaskar will help to stretch the body.


Doing jogging is the best way of absorbing vitamins D that help your body to absorb calcium in your bones.