Andaman is an archipelago located in the Bay of Bengal. This beautiful and secluded island is blessed with unparalleled natural beauty. The unique blend of natural beauty combined with modern infrastructure makes this place even more desirable.

To have an unforgettable experience you must visit these 5 places in Andaman:

Radhanagar beach is nestled on Havelock Islands in Andaman. Crowned as the “Best Beach Of Asia”, Radhanagar beach is treated for eyes due to its bewitching beauty.White golden sands perfectly compliment the crystalline clear blue water and make it a perfect backdrop for a picture. The beach has best facilities of changing clothes and resting. Even the seafood served here is another add-on.


Ross Island is located near Port Blair and hardly takes few minutes to reach there.This charismatic place will surely leave you spellbound with its aesthetic beauty. The British Colony chose Ross Islands as their headquarters. As soon as you enter this place the mystery will unfold and you will surely know why did they do so.Beautiful sea, dreamy environment and company of peacocks and deer is a nature’s way to greet you.

Howrah Bridge is situated in the Niel Islands is an another gem in Andaman. Howrah bridge here is an amazing reflection of nature. The place is naturally formed and hence is a major attraction. Beautiful corals and the vast array of sea life make it different from others. However, it is advised to take a help of tour guide while visiting here.


Anthropological Museum Those who love to know more about the culture of Andaman then Anthropological Museum is a must visit for you. The museum nicely illustrates the tribal life of Andaman.

Mount Harriet National Park is the highest peak in South Andaman and provides a breathtaking view of Andaman as soon as you reach the highest point of the park. Besides enjoying the scenic beauty of Andaman, you can trek through the lovely trail.