Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which there is high blood glucose in a person’s body. The high blood glucose is caused due to inadequate insulin production or body cells stop responding to insulin properly. It is a surprising fact to know that in 2013 it was estimated that around 382 million in the world would be stuff from diabetes.

There are 2 major type of diabetes-

Type 1 diabetes- In this case, the body stops producing insulin leading to insulin deficiency.

Type 2 diabetes- In it body produces insulin but the amount is low for the proper functioning of the body.

Most common symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination, hunger, thirst,  wounds and cuts that don’t heal fast,  weight gain/loss, blurry vision, headache, itchy skin, fatigue, increase in sweating, trembling.

There is no way you can cure diabetes but you can control it.

Controlling diabetes is in the hands of the patient. Firstly it is important to follow your doctor’s advice. Make sure you keep yourself far from sugary substances like juice, fruits that have natural sugar. Also stay away from the starchy substance like potatoes and rice. Identify the foods that are best for your health.  Always keep your insulin injection close to you as you can need it anytime. Sugar levels can go up and dow in a matter of seconds, try to resist your cravings for sugary foods, sweets. It is important to bring a change in your lifestyle by having healthier food and achieving normal body weight.

If diabetes is left untreated then it can lead to severe complications.