His full name is Sannuvanda Kushalappa Uthappa. Uthappa is the Indian field Hockey player. He was born on December 2nd 1993 in Coorg, Karnataka. He plays in the Forward position for the National team. He has been a part of the 2012 London Olympic Games and Uthappa has a lot in hand including his experience to take it to the upcoming 2016 Rio, Olympics. This Indian Forwarder has steadily grown his Hockey skills along the years and it is impressive that he has been nominated for the second time to play at the Olympics, which doesn’t happen only with luck but definitely with his proficiency!

Uthappa is master in other game as well. He stands out as he was a National level Basketball player and has played for his native state, Karnataka. Adding up, throughout his childhood he also represented Coorg at the State level contests in sports like football and badminton; hence calling him a real player is no counterfeit.

S K Uthappa coursed to Hockey. He holds the record of scoring 16 goals in 5 matches, the highest ever by an 11 year old in the state level competition.

Pursue his passion for Hockey, he moved to Bangalore in 2008 to join the Sports Authority of India (SAI) center. Through his intrinsic talent he was shortly acknowledged and then headed the State team and won the Junior Nations title in the year 2010. Uthappa showed his stability by performing habitually which bought his the Best Player of the year 2011 in the Senior National Championship where his state, Karnataka took the Silver medals.


2011 Senior Nationals – Best player.
2010 Junior Nationals Winner and also was the captain of Karnataka.
Appointed in Indian Oil Corporation Ltd when was 18 years old.
Played his first Olympics, when he was just 18 years old.
National Basket ball player,
State level Badminton and football player.
SK Uthappa is still growing and is raring to achieve the tag of “hat-rick Olympian” into his hat.